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Teaching & Understanding Sept 11: Mark Hamm & Paul Leighton

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Sept 11 candle 9-11 ribbon memorial



9-11 Teaching Resources, Pedagogy & Online Syllabi

See information on terrorism; Mid East & Islam; International Law & Democracy; Additional reading and resources; Photographs, commentary and resource pages.

Sept 11 & Its Aftermath: Some Questions For Consideration ~ David O. Friedrichs

Village Life (poem)

Violence: Terrorism & America ~ Rebecca Maniglia & Matthew Lippman


Teaching about 'terrorist assholes'

Osama bin Forgotten

The Challenge of terrorism to the Free Societies of the Global Village, Paul Leighton (book chapter - full text)

NEW: Al-Qaeda, the Radical Right and Beyond: The Current Terrorist Threat , Mark Hamm (full text excerpt of book chapter)

NEW: Demystifying Terrorism: ‘Crazy Islamic Terrorists Who Hate Us Because We’re Free?’, Paul leighton (full text chapter)

Sept 11: Before & After ~ Christine Barbour

Are Terrorists Psychotic? 

Sept 11: Causes, Context & Consequences ~ David Emmons & Paul Lyons

Oklahoma City Terrorism Institute

Danger & Disorder: Sept 11 & the Criminology of Terrorism ~ Mark S. Hamm

Political Violence & Revolution ~ Richard Stahler-Sholk
Devices of Protest: Technology & Social Change ~ Daniel D. Gilfillan
In the Presence of Fear ~ Deborah Louis

At Risk: Anxiety & Insecurity in America ~ Michelle Brown

Terrorism Bibliography, Oklahoma City Inst for the Prevention of Terrorism 

9-11 & the Public Construction of Commemoration ~ Jeff Ferrell

Hate Crimes

Peoples & Cultures of the Middle East ~ Barbara Bilge

Class topics for week 1 & links

Women of the Middle East ~ Barbara Bilge
Understanding the Middle East Through the Writings of Hannah Arendt ~ Carole Garrison
Anti-American Sentiment: A bin Laden Special on Al Jazerra Television Network Two Months Before September 11
  • International Law & Democracy

Justice & War: The Ethics of International Conflicts ~ Andrew Sabl

Human Rights and Genocide links

Information Technology and Weapons of Mass Repression ~ Herman & Julia Schwendinger
International Law, the U.N. and attacking Iraq, David Kauzlarich

Human Rights Syllabi - U of California at Berkeley, Inst of International Studies

Law & Justice (terrorism topics and interesting mock UN assignments), Cynthia Line
What Questions Should We Be Asking? ~ Brian Forst
A Feminist Response to Conflict ~ Carole Garrison

9-11 Teaching Resources, Pedagogy & Online Syllabi

Suggested Sept 11 Links

September 11: Contexts and Consequences (Sept 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows)

This website, StopViolence.com, came about through a seminar on Violence & Society

Should Sept 11 Victims be counted in the Nation's Crime Rate? (Homicide - up 3% or 26%?)

Osama bin Laden ('Osama bin Forgotten' as some now call him). In some posters, Bert from Sesame Street appears next to bin Laden
American Flag, $25. Gasoline, $2. Lighter, $2.50. Setting yourself on fire because you're a terrorist asshole. Priceless. [Teaching and learning about 'terrorist assholes.']

Independence Day

Photograph of Ground Zero

Some workers erected crosses at ground zero

Satellite image of New York City after the attack

 A memorial service in Buffalo, NY - and some other memorial photos accompany Johnson's poem Village Life

Even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, much of the information in the Sept 11 section is helpful in understanding current problems. Many wondered if we were abandoning the search for bin Laden and attacking Iraq because of oil (esp since no weapons of mass destruction have been found). The feelings of many are captured by the I Hate War statement on the FDR memorial. 

Mark Hamm (more info)
Department of Criminology 
Indiana State University 
Terre Haute, IN 47809

Paul Leighton
Dept of Soc, Anthro & Criminology
712 Pray Harrold
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI 49197




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