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Teaching & Understanding Sept 11: 

Photograph of the Moment - WTC: Ground Zero

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world trade center groundzero

"Remember 9-11" Who really forgot about it? 

The real Sept 11 question is, Are we on a path to be in a better place next year?

The contents of Teaching and Understanding Sept 11 are meant to be a step in that direction by helping to provide larger frameworks for this intense experience.  

I thought the Washington Post had an interesting survey about the permanent changes 9-11 created in many people's lives, occasionally making them more appreciate, honest and helpful people. One of their columnists did a review of some of the best 9-11 memorial sites. 

“Apparently, the [Sept 11] dead are owed another war. But they are not. What they are owed is a good, stand-up, bruising row over the fate of America; just who determines it and for what end?”

-from Simon Schama, "The Dead and the Guilty"


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