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About the Stop Violence Project

Most of the teaching I have done is related to social problems and violence. As part of educating students to participate a democratic society, I think it is important to try to convey some sense of what problems we are facing, how large they are, and how complicated they can be. 

At times, this enlightenment does not raise their consciousness in a way that pulls at their conscience and motivates them to do something. Indeed, understanding the structural elements of a social problem and their pervasiveness can cause students to feel disempowered, alienated, cynical and depressed. 

A class specifically on Violence & Society can provide a forum for needed discussions and solutions, although it could just as easily put all of the students into therapy and add to the number of people on Prozac. 

I am increasingly incorporating the search for solutions into my teaching and thought I would go the next step with this class. Why have them do the research and write a paper that would be thrown out or simply filed away?

Resources for this project were collected by students in Paul's Violence & Society class - including some who had very little computer experience. Karen McKie learned FrontPage and turned those resources into a webpage. Paul learned FrontPage to prepare the page for publication on the web and he updates it. 

From March until August 2000, the STOP VIOLENCE Project was part of PaulsJusticePage. In July, Paul purchased the domain name stopviolence.com and transferred the pages here. I should recognize my institution, Eastern Michigan University for several contributions. I was selected for their Instructional Technology Across the Curriculum Workshop in 2000 and 2001. Also, part of a Faculty Research Fellowship was used to expand several topics. 



What Does 'Stop Violence' Mean When Looking At A Crumbling World Trade Center & Charred Pentagon?

Thanks to everyone for the useful suggestions and encouragement  and thanks to Add Me!  for the free search engine submission site that allows people to find this page. 

This site is listed in the American Sociological Association's Instructor Resource Guide for Teaching Social Problems thanks to Walter Carroll. 



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