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Teaching & Understanding Sept 11:

Mark Hamm & Paul Leighton

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9-11 Teaching Resources, Pedagogy & Online Syllabi

This page is part of a collection of educational resources on Sept 11, please see the contents for more information about terrorism & political violence; law and international justice; and the Mid East, Islam and Anti-Americanism. Many syllabi have discussions of pedagogy embedded in them, like Rebecca Maniglia's SEPTEMBER 11 & TERRORISM and Andrew Sabl's Justice and War. [Links checked 28 Aug 2003]

National Council for the Social Studies: Resource page related to two issues of Social Education examining teachable moments 

United States Institute of Peace Teaching Guides. See especially Teaching Guide on International Terrorism: Definitions, Causes and Responses and also Teaching Guide on the Justification of War 

Facing History and Ourselves (essays and thoughts on pedagogy)

Teaching Resources from the Social Science Research Council. Website is built around articles on the following topics: Globalization, Fundamentalism, Terrorism & Democratic Virtues, Competing Narratives, New War, New World Order?, Building Peace, & Recovery

C-SPAN in the Classroom: Am I Safe? How Should the U.S. Respond? How Should We Address Cultural Misunderstanding? Why is the U.S. a Target?

New York Times Learning Network, America Attacks see also: The Tug of War - Exploring the Rationale Behind Potential Future Military Strikes in the War Against Terrorism. And, Tolerating Diversity - Exploring the Shaping of Tolerance and Intolerance

American Political Science Association - includes many resource links and several online syllabi plus an additional page of news items and resources

Perspectives on September 11, UCLA (listing of seminar titles and short description - excellent set of links for one class)

Context and Aftermath of Sept 11, Cornell University Einaudi Center for International Studies (descriptions and some online syllabi)

Human Rights Syllabi - U of California at Berkeley, Inst of International Studies (online syllabi and info links)

Teaching about 'Terrorist Assholes'

Syllabi from the Center for Strategic Education, Johns Hopkins University (good link page)

Criminologists Discuss the Impact of Sept 11 on the Criminal Justice System, Allyn & Bacon Terrorism Resources

Terrorism Bibliography, Oklahoma City Inst for the Prevention of Terrorism

StopViolence Resources

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Philosophers Forum on War, Terrorism, and Peace (different perspectives, great link to military ethics info)

Terrorism Law & Policy - The Jurist (Law Professors' Network)

Guidance for Instructors Leading Class Discussions on Sept 11 University of Michigan Center for Research on Teaching and Learning (posted Sept 2001). Additional Resources for Instructors

General Teaching Effectiveness, Professional Development & Academic Integrity (not specific to 9-11)

Separating Fact from Fiction about the attack  

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Paul Leighton (more info)
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