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Student Participants in StopViolence

All students in the Violence & Society seminar were required to find 10-15 appropriate links that they would share with the entire class. Everyone also had to write a brief commentary on the collection of links. Almost all students availed themselves of the option of using the final paper to outline in detail what the site should look like and why. Karen L. McKie used a subsequent independent study to turn their vision into the original webpage in March 2000. 

Students in the seminar were: Jerry Anderson, Sharon Bowman, Shawn Callahan, JoAnne Conway, Kevin Davis, Brandon Elstun, Denise Jones, Donna Killingbeck, Evan Knighton, Glenn Like, Megan McDaniel, Karen Mckie, William Michaluk, Andrew Pfeiffer, Cynthia Roberson, Amy Ruedisueli, John Simpson, Shulamit Sztern, Stacia Zellner. 

Thanks to the students of Paul's Fall 2000 Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault class for collecting the resources and descriptions for the page on Men Working to end Battering, Rape and Sexism.

Thanks to the students of Paul's Winter 2001 Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault class for collecting the resources and descriptions that allowed the a single page on battering and rape to be split into a full page on Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence and another on Rape and Aquaintence Rape. Thanks especially to Desire' Anastasia for her work on the rape page. 

Although not a student participant, I should recognize my institution, Eastern Michigan University for several contributions. I was selected for their Instructional Technology Across the Curriculum Workshop in 2000 and 2001. Also, part of a Faculty Research Fellowship was used to expand several topics. 

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