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Recommended Books About Violence and Crime Prevention

Many people prefer to sit down and read a book rather than endlessly browse the internet (in fact, very few people read on the internet - they print it off or move on). Because of the wealth of excellent non-internet sources, I will be expanding the links to books on all the StopViolence pages and here.  

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Currie’s book, Crime and Punishment in America is an excellent and thoughtful discussion about our war on crime. He identifies four priorities that are a good start: preventing child abuse and neglect,
enhancing children’s intellectual and social development, providing support and guidance to vulnerable adolescents, and working
intensively with juvenile offenders. While none of these suggestions is a cure-all, he notes that sometimes modest levels of
assistance can make a great difference.

A more critical approach would be Ian Taylor's Crime in Context: A Critical Criminology of Market Societies, which received the American Society of Criminology’s Michael Hindelang Award for the most outstanding book in 2000. Elliot Currie says, “With this book, Ian Taylor confirms his standing as one of the most thoughtful students of crime and society writing anywhere in the world today. Crime in Context is well-reasoned, wide-ranging and important—a major contribution to our understanding of the ways in which the enormous social and economic transformations of our time are reshaping the problems of crime and social order.”

50 Ways to a Safer World: Everyday Actions You Can Take to Prevent Violence in Neighborhoods, Schools, and Communities

StopViolence is premised on the notion that The tired 'get tough' rhetoric of politicians is not a solution because violence is not 'caused' by our current sentencing structure. Indeed, the 'get tough' approach is counter-productive when money to build prisons comes from cuts in crime prevention funds, community services and education - kind of like mopping the floor while the tub overflows. Books about our imprisonment binge and its destructive effects include:

Information on private prisons from Paul's Justice Page

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You Don't Have to Fuck People Over To Survive (Or Yourself) 

by Seth Tobocman


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Please stop back for more recommendations. I'll be slowly expanding this list as I have the time and energy. Remember that the purchase of books through this website helps to pay for hosting, domain name registration fees and other expenses. If you're considering buying a book through Amazon - whether about violence or not - please do it through the Help StopViolence page. Thanks. 



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