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Click, Lobby, Shop, Invest & Volunteer for Change

Violence in society can be overwhelming and even foster hopelessness. The following sites offer practical ways you can get involved and make a difference by surfing, volunteering, donating, or shopping. 

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Any purchase you make through the button below benefits StopViolence

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Surf/Click to Donate

Hungersite: donate food with a click of the mouse

The Rain Forest Site: Each click from you raises money that goes to the Nature Conservency's Adopt An Acre program. 

The Breast Cancer Site: click to donate mammograms

The three sites to the left are run by the GreaterGood.com, which says it "provides consumers with the ability to make a difference in the world through their everyday Web-based activities - at no extra cost to them"

They were taken offline because of the slump in internet advertising, but they are now back under new management. Thanks guys!

Solve Poverty: click to create jobs & provide education

Cause An Effect: click to donate for earthquake relief

Clear Land Mines.com

Search to Feed: by entering a search in the box below, you give money to feed the hungry through sponsors who are displayed on the results page. I'm not impressed with the quality of results, but try a search to donate food...


Lobby Your Representative

The following organizations have 'take action' pages that help citizens communicate with the elected officials about policies and legislation

This list is an edited version of resources discussed by Alan Rosenblatt, Vice President, Online Advocacy Services, Stateside Associates. These links appeared in The Online Advocate (v1 #4, August 2001). 

For additional ideas, use the Google search box with the phrase 'take action' + the keywords that describe your concerns.

Have ProgressiveSecretary.org send out free emails to politicians about the issues that concern you. [Founder Jim Harris describes himself as a sixties activist and a Quaker. Treatment for leukemia left him partially disabled, upon which he decided to devote himself to progressive service, his long time calling, by using his computer skills and his knowledge of activism.] 


Greater Good: 5-15% of your purchases go to the charity of your choice

Daemon Records: your socially conscious record label


Socially Responsible Investing Forum

Sustainable Business - find out how to make a business environmentally sustainable, best practices and current news. 

Volunteer & Careers

Volunteer Match (matches you with available volunteer opportunities) 

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)

BOOK: Colvin & Nader, Good Works : A Guide to Careers in Social Change

100 Jobs in Social Change



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